Welcome to the homepage of Szek

Dear visitor, we welcome you on the website of Szek village, of the former town of Szek. We hope that this portal will be useful both for the people of Szek but also for those who don’t not known it as well. Today, Szek is famous for its ethnographic especially valuable traditions, but on this website we would like to present you the ethnographic characteristics of Szek, outside the historical background and we would also like to provide an insight into contemporary Szek.

Quick Tour of Szek for those who don’t know it already

Szek is situated in Romania, in Cluj County, and once enjoyed the title of town. The town status was owed mainly because of the salt mines, but due to the closure of these salt mines and due to other historical events the town gradually lost its town status in 1884, and formed a village. Szek’s town rank began to sink into oblivion after the loss of the old status (once it was a free royal city),in the second half of the 20th century, however, the specific ethnographic characteristics and values have been discovered, and were shown to the world once again what was to become known as the Szeki dance, Szeki folk music and the worldwide famous costumes exist thanks to the dance movement

The name of the village

The place names have a number of theories, but none of them manages to provide crucial evidence. However, some of these theories may come as a good argument. The most likely theory is that the name of the former town is very much likely to refer to specific forms of organization that is administratively a settlement in the central region, office, where the king of the branch is located and which type of organization was used by the szeklers. This theory is supported by the documents found dating from the time of the medieval city of Szek mine. In Romanian language the village is called SIC (from the Hungarian word).

The contemporary Szek

The contemporary Szek after the census held in 2002 has only 2764 inhabitants, and researchers have said that this number continues to decline. The former population of Szek has reached at some time approximately 6000 people. From that number of 2764, 2637 are Hungarian, 110 Romanian and 7 Roma. The male population in large part is working in the construction industry and still enjoys a very high esteem, and the women are known for their excellent house holding capabilities.