Bartholomew’s Day

Bartholomew’s Day counts a great occasion every year in Szek. Every year on August 24, the inhabitants remember the 1717’s Tatar invasion, when the town fell under the destruction. mongols The main scene of destruction is the church and its surroundings because the Mongols struck in the praying crowd. The Mongols set fire to the whole city and a lot of people got killed and about 700 inhabitants were captured and deported. Only a very few people managed to escape, and the majority of the residents fell victims of the Plague. So, in 1717 in Szek remained approximately 100 inhabitants alive. It was a great misfortune that had never happened before, and this is why the inhabitants promised to always remember that day on August 24, the day of the Tatar invasion. The locals, since then, commemorate this day with a mass three times a day, and feasting. Today, however, fasting is not so much kept as it was in earlier times, because many of the residents do not live there anymore, and they just come to visit, so the family prepares usually a more festive lunch for the guests.


On this day, the municipality organizes various programs for the locals and also for the tourists. Usually the mayor and the vice-mayor hold festive speeches, together with different politicians and guests of honor. The speech is followed by folk art performances and the inauguration of the Memorial which was created for this special occasion. In later hours the event is usually closed with a series of fireworks and concerts.