The folk dance and folk music of Szek (Transylvania)

One can say that the folk dance of Szek bears the style of the dance of bourgeois from the Late Middle Ages, but it has archaic elements as well. The same goes out to the folk music. . Folk dans Transylvania Hungarian folk musicBoth of them are characterized by seriousness and orderliness. In the Middle Ages the Hungarian nobility and moral standards of the circles of Hungarian citizens were quite stringent, so that these standards are undoubtedly a major influence on the Szek dance and musicvalamint széki zene The Szek folkdance has German or Saxon influences that can be quickly detected. This suggests that the Hungarians and Saxons living together in Szek have not separated their cultures totally. The folkdance culture, music and the whole presented here may not be as authentic and detailed presentation if it weren’t for famous professionals, such as: Zoltan Kodaly, Lajos Bárdos and György Martin.

Short video from the 1970s