Szek municipality – local council

The village has a local self-governing municipality that allows the municipality to exercise local autonomy and a framework within which to organize the local administration, this happening among the members of the local council and the mayor. The local council consists of 11 members. Board members are elected by the inhabitants of the village when municipal elections are held.


Mayor: Sallai János

Deputy mayor: Csorba István

Local council:

Szabó András (RMDSZ)

Nagy András (RMDSZ)

Sípos Márton (MPP)

Filep B. Márton(RMDSZ)

Csorba István (RMSZ)

Filep Sándor (EMNP)

Soos Csaba István (RMDSZ)

Vigh István (RMDSZ)

Nagy István (MPP)

Socaciu Ioan Ovidiu (PNL)

Csorba Martin (MPP)