The most spectacular relic in the village is the Reformed Church. The church was built in 1241 after the Mongol invasion began, of course, originally it was a Catholic church. The architectural style of the church … Read more

Traditional costumes of Szek

The costume culture is one of the most distinctive element of Szek. The traditional costumes of Szek bear the style marks of the German civil costume, Szekler Hungarian nobility and the Hungarian peasant dresses … Read more

Szek days – camp of folk dances (cultural and traditional events)

Each year in late August, thanks to the Pro Urbe Szek Foundation takes place “the culture and tradition of Szek days camp”. The event is supported, however, by the Communitas Foundation and the Municipality of Szek. The main program of the Szek days is teaching dance forms, and various folk dances, and to learn needlework. To view a more detailed description of the event visit the following website : —

Bartholomew’s Day

Bartholomew’s Day counts a great occasion every year in Szek. Every year on August 24, the inhabitants remember the 1717’s Tatar invasion, when the town fell under the destruction. On this day, the municipality organizes various programs for the locals and also for the tourists … Olvasd tovább